Early Bird Submission:

1 March – 1 May · 55 $US or 50 € per piece

Regular Submission:

2 May – 31 May · 80 $US or 75 € per piece

Late Submission:

1 June – 15 June · 110 $US or 100 € per piece

Special Price for 5 or more Pieces:

This special price is valid for the entire competition period. 5 or more entries: 50 $US or 45 € per piece. There is no limit of the number of submissions per participant.


Who can take part

All professionals (Agencies, Companies, Branding Studios, Marketing departments, Freelancers, etc.) working in brand design.

Contest period

Entries can be submitted that were created between January 2019 and May 2021. Please do not submit work that you have already submitted to the last Best Brand Awards.

Categories and Medals

There are 2 global categories and 3 to 6 geographical ones.

The awards are presented in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Award of Excellence and Runner Up. The more points the jury awards to a logo, the higher the award. The highest annual awards are “Best Brand of Continent”, “Best Brand of the World” and “Best Brand Agency of the World”.

Global Categories

Best Brand of the world – The brand with the best global score. Best Brand Agency/Designer in the world – The agency/designer with the best score in 4 brands, selected among submitters with a minimum of 4 pieces enrolled.

Geographical Categories

Best Brand of each zone – The brand with the best score in each zone. The competition is designed in such a way that awards are given for these zones: Europe & Africa, The Americas, Asia & Oceania. Please Note: Each entry must be enrolled in the zone for which it was designed, regardless of the location of the design company. For example, an Asian design study can subscribe a logo in Africa. Read the complete rules here.

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